How can I connect to my databases from my computer?

Written by Chris Oliver
Updated over a week ago
We recommend using TablePlus, but the same settings apply to Postico, Navicat, etc.

You will need to use an SSH tunnel to connect from your computer to your Hatchbox databases. This is because Hatchbox doesn't allow public access to the databases for added security.

You must add your SSH public key to Hatchbox before you can connect to your database remotely.
TablePlus Settings - View File
To connect with TablePlus, create a new connection for your database. In this example, were using PostgreSQL.

Click on "Over SSH" to open the SSH tunnel settings. 
Here you'll add the server's IP address and your SSH private key. Make sure you've added this SSH key to Hatchbox already.

Then you can fill out the database username, password, and database name. You can find these on the database page in

When you're done, click Test to verify the connection works and then Connect to access your database.

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