How Can I Backup my Unmanaged Databases on Hatchbox?

Written by Kent
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You can set up automated backups of your unmanaged Postgres, Redis or MySQL databases in the Hatchbox UI.

You can choose weekly, daily or hourly backups.
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The backups are stored by default on your local server at ~/backups. You can also set up Hatchbox to store your backups on S3, Digital Ocean Spaces, Wasabi or any other S3 compatible service.

Hatchbox will save the last 5 backups, so as the sixth backup is done, the first backup will be overwritten or deleted and they will continue to rotate that way and keep only 5 backups on your server.

To set up your backups, select the Database tab at the top navigation:
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Then select the database you wish to enable backups on, then click on the view links beside the database. Once you are on the database details page, you can scroll down a bit to see:
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Click on the Configure button, and set your backups to weekly, hourly or daily and either leave the default local set up, or enter the proper info for the other options which will appear when you select a different option.

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