How do I migrate from Hatchbox Classic

Still using Hatchbox Classic? See how to migrate your applications to the new version

Written by Chris Oliver
Updated over a week ago
Hatchbox Classic uses an entirely different configuration from the new Hatchbox. We've greatly simplified and upgraded our dependencies to make them more reliable and robust. Unfortunately, this means we can't transfer your old server to the new Hatchbox. You will need to create a new one but it is the safest way to migrate.

To migrate, you'll want to follow these steps:
  1. Set your app's DNS TTL to as low as possible (this sets the cache time to short, so changes get propagated faster)
  2. Create a cluster in the new Hatchbox
  3. Deploy your application to the new cluster
  4. Backup your old database and restore it to the new cluster's database (or point your new cluster to the database if it's a managed db)
  5. Test your application and make sure everything works
  6. Put your apps into maintenance mode
  7. Change your DNS to point to the new cluster
  8. Transfer the database once more (in case any records were changed in the old app while testing)
  9. Disable maintenance mode

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