How do I setup Wildcard SSL Certificates?

Wildcard SSL certificates allow you to generate one SSL certificate for all subdomains

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To use wildcard SSL certificates, you'll need to add the wildcard domain to your application. A wildcard domain looks like "*"

The Wildcard SSL settings are hidden by default but will appear after you enter a wildcard domain.
Wildcard settings are hidden - View File
After entering the wildcard domain...
Wildcard settings now visible - View File

LetsEncrypt needs to verify you own the domain, so you'll need to add your API token and DNS host to your app's Domain settings. Once you do this, Caddy will use this to verify the domain on your DNS host and will generate the wildcard SSL certificate once it's verified.

You can view the Caddy logs on the load balancer or web server page to see the status of your SSL certificate generation.

Allowed IPs
Some APIs require you to allow specific IP addresses when using their API. Hatchbox will use the following IP address(es):

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