How can I deploy a Rack, Sinatra, Hanami or other Ruby framework application?

Deploying Rack apps or other Ruby frameworks like Sinatra, Hanami, Padrino are easy with Hatchbox.

Written by Chris Oliver
Updated over a week ago
Hatchbox assigns each application a PORT environment variable to respond to. You'll need to add a process that listens to this PORT.

If your app has Puma in the Gemfile, Hatchbox will automatically detect it and add a Process to run Puma which will start the application defined in

Rack & Sinatra
For Rack & Sinatra apps that don't use Puma, add a rackup process to your app:
bundle exec rackup -p $PORT 
Add a Hanami server process to your app:
bundle exec hanami server -p $PORT
Other Ruby Frameworks
For other Ruby frameworks, consult their documentation to determine how to run your application's server on a specific port.

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