When Logging Stops Working for your Apps

Written by Kent
Updated over a week ago
If you notice that one of your apps is not displaying the logs as it does on other apps, the fix for this on Hatchbox is to reconfigure your server which is as easy as pressing the "Configure" button for your server.
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The reason this happens is due to a bug in the Linux service "systemd" which sometimes causes the logging to turn off in Hatchbox.

It is a good idea to press this button and reconfigure your server once a month or so, as this will also install any security updates and fixes for your server.

If you prefer, you can SSH in to your server instead and run the following to reset the logging service. 
"sudo systemctl restart systemd-journald"
This situation where the app stops logging is somewhat rare, but it does happen from time to time, so either press the configure button or run that command when it happens and you should be all set.

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